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E-mail and website questions


E-mail and website questions

for my first question say i transfer a domain name over to cna i have an email such as

my second question is how much bandwidth do i have with the 250mb web space? i doubt it's unlimited because it never is.

and just glancing at this forum there seems to be a lot of people complainging about low speed i hope that is not the case because i just signed up today. maybe you are on the 14.99 a month option which is not created for downloading & gaming

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E-mail and website questions

Hi Aaron and welcome to the forums

In answer to your first question yes you can have your email address just like that

The 250MB webspace although very generous by todays isp`s includes your site and however large that may be and visitors to and fro so it wont take long to eat up that space if your site is popular
it depends on what you plan to do with the space, if its just a small site for your family and friends then it should be ample but if your plans are larger you may be better off finding a hosting package
you might find having a read through This quite helpful

And yes although there does seem to be a lot of people as you say complaining about speed this is a very small minority of the actual plusnet user base and speaking from personal experience my connection has always been rock solid fast and reliable so i shouldnt worry

E-mail and website questions

why thank you for your reply it anwsered all my questions, nice one