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E-Mail Attachments


E-Mail Attachments

Hi all

I have a project i have been working on that is 63MB. I need to e-mail it to 6 colleagues. My queries are.

1 what is the max attachment size allowed?
2 am i ok to send this size file to multiple mail addresses using the cc function of outlook express?
3 am i allowed to send the file in compressed form, eg zip or rar?
4 are there any file formats banned?

This file may need to be send backwards and forwards a few times as alterations are made by both myself and others. Is there any sort of bandwidth or data transfer limits on e mails?

Thanks for any advice
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E-Mail Attachments

1. 100Mbytes
2. Yes, OE will cope but will your recievers. Often ISPs have attachment limits or space limits (i.e. Hotmail) so have you checked with each recipient that they can handle a) 63MB attachments and b) their email storage is large enough to store that size email.
3. yes and for that filesize it is recommended.
4. no, but it depends in your recipients virus scanners or even ISPs what they do with certain file formats. Things like .exe are likely to get blocked or quaranteened but zip and rar are common file formats so should not cause any problems.

There are no bandwidth limits on emails for PlusNet, I can't comment about the ISPs or systems the recipients have which may be you main issue here.

E-Mail Attachments

Cheers Peter Cheesy