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Dynamode USB modem drivers for Linux - I've got 'em!!!


Dynamode USB modem drivers for Linux - I've got 'em!!!

OK, I got the drivers from dynamode support - not just the kernel module source a couple of other people have been sent, but a load of executables: rpm packages for pppoe/pppoa (plusnet is PPPoA), an installer script, even a GUI tool to configure and activate/deactivate (if you're into that kind of thing...)

The catch is, I don't have adsl here at the moment, and I want to know if they work or not! The files obviously are targeted at redhat, although they should work with mandrake OK (the pre/post install rpm scripts don't do an awful lot), and really it's just a kernel module and a userspace program to control it (if wanted).

So, who'll try the out and let us all know if they work?

If you want to try them, let me know (it's a 3MB file, so stuck on 56k dialup I don't want to start sending it to the world), on info AT askMeNoQuestions (dot) co dot uk, and I'll send you a copy!

If they work, I'll repackage them to just use the pppoa driver (there's a load of others that just aren't needed), and find some way of releasing them to the outside world (if dynamode/alcaltel don't object)...

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Dynamode USB modem drivers for Linux - I've got 'em!!!

just upload them to your web space then anyone can get them, being just 3mb they shouldnt have your useage exceeded
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Dynamode USB modem drivers for Linux - I've got 'em!!!

It's more a question of bandwidth (at least potentially) - it's quite amazing just how many people out there are looking for these drivers ;-)

Also, I do really want to see if someone who already has adsl will test them out, since I'm trying to decide whether to use this modem or not. Windows sharing isn't an option here (not for me!).

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Dynamode USB modem drivers for Linux - I've got 'em!!!

If you haven't already got a modem then my advice is to get a combined router/modem with ethernet support. I can virtually garuantee this will work in linux, while USB is much less certain.

Dynamode USB modem drivers for Linux - I've got 'em!!!

WEll, I know a router will work *with* linux, but as I can have a much better, and much more responsive firewall+ids with linux, I actually *want* to go the IDS route...