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Dropped connection


Dropped connection

I have just upgraded from 512K to 1M, and while everything seems OK most of the time, I do occasionally get directed to:

When browsing, and nothing works for a while. This did not happen at all before, is it related to the 1M upgrade, and would I be better off sticking with 512K?

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Dropped connection

That is caused by BT not being able to route your connection through to plusnet when you first connect, to get your Plusnet assigned IP address so BT gives you an IP instead. While in this state you cannot browse.

Disconnecting and reconnecting will often fix this. If it does not, manually set the following DNS servers in Windows:

And the problem should not occur again.

This has nothng to do with your connection speed, it happens on 512K and 2Mb connections as well and is outside plusnets control.

Dropped connection

Thanks, I'll try the DNS servers, and let you know how it goes.