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Drop-outs on sync


Drop-outs on sync

Has anyone else experienced prolonged drop-outs on their connection?

My setup is as follows;

Single master socket with micro-filter and BT Handset. Cat 5 wiring to extension with either D-Link/Cisco or Draytek Router (normally Draytek).

The connection drops out for prolonged periods (up to 24 hours) and will not re-connect even if all other equipment is removed from the line.

BT & Plusnet have tested connection, but find nothing wrong (other than initially low impedance caused by old telephone handset - now replaced).

Micro-filter, Extension wiring & BT Handset have all been replaced as per BT suggestion to no avail. All routers (D-Link & Cisco borrowed to eliminate router causing problem) report no sync/carrier.

Help, I'm tearing my hair out.

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Drop-outs on sync

I know you've done some of this already but work through:

Drop-outs on sync


Have tried all of that, many of them multiple times now. Guess I'll just have to put up with only having broadband 5 days per week until BT get things sorted.