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Dr Speedtouch


Dr Speedtouch

Hi I need some help please!

I have installed this to find my SNR etc and when i start the diagnostics its ok till 27% where it says it has a problem with the internet!

this is what i get "Connecting to a Website Failed
Dr SpeedTouch was unable to reach a Website via HTTP.

This is typically due to an incorrect Proxy Server configuration. Using a Proxy Server is currently disabled.

Please make sure no Firewall or local proxy software is preventing Dr SpeedTouch from connecting to the Internet.

Verify your service provider installation instructions for Proxy Server configuration and press the link below to verify or reconfigure your computer's Internet Settings.
Configure or verify Internet Settings"

I then go through their procedure to correct this and it is set up as they ask

I have Zone Alarm Pro and does anyone know how to correct this please!!?

Thanks a lot in advance


Dr Speedtouch

This reply is a bit late, but seeing as I had the same problem recently I'll mention that if you right-click on the Dr Speedtouch tray icon and click Advanced -> Write log file to disk it'll record a log of your line stats the same as if you'd run the diagnostics test successfully. Weird but true.
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Dr Speedtouch

Peter, just to add to that I get exactly the same error when using Dr Sppedtouch. It just will not connect to a website! Like you I have Zone Alarm Pro, but I still get the error with it disabled.

The default location of the log file is C:\Program Files\SpeedTouch\Dr SpeedTouch\log\drst_log.xml scroll down nearly to the bottom of the file, the details you need are there.

Hope this helps.