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When I'm downloading files I can't get my PC to do more that 2 at a time which is annoying considering the speed in which it does them. It means me having to sit at the desk more or less all the time when downloading instead of telling it to do 8 at once and going off - is there a way to do this?

I'm on XP with SP2 installed.

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I assume you are talking about downloading using Internet Explorer. Here how to fix this

Please Note: Changing the maximum number of connections beyond two is a violation of Internet standards; use at your own risk!

To increase the number of simultaneous connections that are allowed, follow these steps:

1. Start the Registry Editor
2. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Internet Settings
3. Select New > DWORD Value from the Edit menu
4. Name the new value MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server
5. Right-click the MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server value and choose Modify
6. Under Base, click the radio button next to Decimal
7. In the Value Data: box enter the number of simultaneous connections you want to set (for example 10 is a good value), and 8. click OK
9. Repeat steps 3 - 7 using the new value MaxConnectionsPerServer
10. Exit the registry editor


Also there is another issue with WinXP SP2 which limits the number of simultanous connections to 10. This should not really effect normal downloading through IE but severly limits P2P programs. I would suggest that you fix this as well. Here is a link to a page which will explain everything

I would also suggets download manager programs such as FlashGet which will also speed up your download through making multiple connections to the same file.