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Downloading from Newsgroups & Connection


Downloading from Newsgroups & Connection

Hi there!

I've migrated away from another ISP... and now I kinda wish I hadnt Cry

I've signed up for the 2MB Premier package (£21.99). I download about 5GBa month. With my old ISP I was downloading at a speed of 60kb/s on a 512k service. With PlusNET I'm getting only 8-10kb/s!!! I was only activated yesterday... Im so disappointed Cry

Also, I performed a ADSL check a few weeks back... it said that my exchange was running at 2MB, but Im only on 1MB. The ADSL checker now reports that I can only have 1MB... weird huh?

Heres my router stats:

Conn. Speed
Down 1152 kbps
Up 288 kbps

Line Attenuation
Down 55.0 db
Up 31.5 db

Noise Margin
Down 20.4 db
Up 26.0 db

Does this really mean that I cant have 2MB?

Im now of the understanding that my newsgroup d/l performance has been hindered by 'traffic shaping'. This is something that I was not informed about when I signed up a week ago!!! In fact, I read on the (PN) service comparisons page that downloading and newsgroups was supported. So why am I being throttled?

Thanks in advance!


Downloading from Newsgroups & Connection


I have a similar problem with attenuation, although i'm bordering on the 2Mbit threshold! If you're downstream attenuation is greater than 45dB they say it's not suitable.

As for newsgroups, it takes me a long time to download the server list and the headers from groups. But after that, I use newsleecher, to make 4 connections to the server, and the get around full speed (4 x 20kb/s). Have you tried software that allows you to make multiple connections? As for the header thing, yes it's very annoying, especially if you download 100mbs worth of them.

Downloading from Newsgroups & Connection

Thanks Kudair.

I spoke with PN this morning. I ran though the issue with support, the guy asked me to hold... came back about 3mins later and asked me to bounce my router. I asked what he had done, he said changed my IP (?!)! Confused, I asked if he'd moved me to a static address. He said no. From this I can only assume that hes stuck me on some other reserved address range (BB+ to BBprem network?). After the router was restarted, I tried my D/Ls. I was getting speeds of 118mbps.... which I would kinda expect. I halted the dowload and kicked it off again when I came home for lunch - oh dear... its been running at a measly 18 -20kbps ever since.

Not happy. I think Im going to execute my notice as Im 2days into my 7days grace.

1MB Premier