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Download speed very slow


Download speed very slow

I don't use router i don't have spyware or trojans.
i don't use p2p and please don't ask stupid questions please fix my download speed i have broadband premier product.

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Download speed very slow

Can you run - depending upon what that says we can then advise you on the next step.

(It is frequently a pain to get this test to run - please persist)
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Download speed very slow


He has had multiple threads going on in relation to this

I had replied to him in thread

As I asked about if he was using a router or USB modem.
It transpires that the OP is using a USB modem, so I would rather fancy that he has a problem with their hardware or their computer maybe running too many processes, causing latency and throughput issues.

It's also been explained about the benefits of using a router over a USB modem as it does not require processing power of the PC to run.

Whilst I'm not a moderator, can I please ask someone to lock this thread in favour of the link I have presented in this post as the topic is now so fragmented it is getting hard to follow.


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Download speed very slow

As mentioned above by user rojerloxton, there is already a thread running on this.

@julijonas there is no need to keep opening new threads on the subject and as such I am locking thisone in favour of the link posted by rogerloxton