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Download speed slowing down


Download speed slowing down


I am experiencing a very unusual situation with my download speed. Over the course of a couple of hours my download speed will decrease from around 44Kbps to, at the moment it is 6KB, sometimes this only goes to 2KB. Once I restart my computer and reboot the modem this speeds up the download again. Before this I was getting 44Kbps as standard, never been so slow.

I have used the Bandwidth Speed Test and here are the results.
27-08-2003 23:41:47 487.7Kbps AFTER RESTART
27-08-2003 23:19:46 158.5Kbps BEFORE RESTART
I have ran the speed test several times and the same pattern occurs

I have reinstalled the operating system, which is Windows XP, closed down any applications that may be also using up the connection and I am still having this problem.

Has anyone else experienced this type of problem? I have spoken to plus net but they haven’t been able to advise me on this.