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Download pauses but does not lose connection.


Download pauses but does not lose connection.

Hi, been happily using my 1mb connection for a number of months now with no issues but in the past week or so I have been having a strange issue.

I play online games quiet alot, EQ2 and PlanetSide being my favorite and recently both have been lagging on me every 15-20 minutes.... a slight pause for about 10seconds and then everything catches up. I ignored it for a while and put it down to serverload at SOE or similar.

Yesterday I was downloading a demo on my 2nd PC that uses the same connection and as usually I ensured NetLimiter was on that PC and only used 500k or so download, but this time I kept the realtime graph running displaying the download speed. I then went back to playing EQ2.

Now... when ever I got lagged out on EQ2 or a "You have been disconnected from the server" message in PlanteSide I glanced over to the other PC downloading and noticed also that it had a 10 second pause and the download speed dropped to 0.

I've checked my routers logs and the uptime for the router and connection are always the same so Im sure im not loosing the connection but it just seems to pause for 10 seconds every 20 mins or so.

Anyone got any ideas?
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Download pauses but does not lose connection.

Do both PCs have a software firewall? If so try disabling it and see if that helps. Do the same with any anti-virus or pop-up blocking software to eliminate those causing the problem.

Download pauses but does not lose connection.

Ok, Im sure it's not anything on the PC's as affects both at exactly the same time and during that time nothing is sent or recieved.

I have however changed my MTU settings from the sticky thread and it seems to of gone away. It's not set to 1478 on my Netgear DG834 router, I'll do some more testing over the weekend but since the change the problem seems to be cured! Smiley