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Download Speeds


Download Speeds

Hi people,
Ive got a problem, Ive tryed everything I can Think of,
I have Changed my extention cable, changed the mirco filters and even tryed my mates ADSL modem,

Im getting connected, but I cant download more than 35K I have tried diffrent websites, and having same problems, I have manually, Put Plusnets configuration in and let my modem automaticaly detect the configuration,

I have reported the fault, with Plus Net, and they are being extremly helpful but iam still suffering from the same problem, They were supposed to get back to me, but Ive heard nothing off them,

I live about 100 meters away from my exchange, and Im using windows xp, Ive got a Speedstream 4060 USB modem,

Has any one got any ideas,

RE: Download Speeds


I had the same sort of problem.. i was using a fujitsu modem which was plugged into a USB 2.0 port, i plugged it into one of the USB 1.0 ports and all was cured. I understand its something to do with the VIA chip set / drivers on athlon xp motherboards.

Hope this helps

Nigel G

RE: Download Speeds

Oh god, if all my connection problems vanish by unplugging my modem from one usb socket and sticking into the other one I'll just go shoot myself. Tried it and it looks promising, no dead connection so far anyway...