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Download Allocation Used by Broadband Checker

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Registered: 31-07-2007

Download Allocation Used by Broadband Checker

Has anyone else noticed that they are shown as using huge amounts of download data whilst running the Broadband Checker.

In an attempt to get to the bottom of my ADSLmax disconnection problems, I raised another support ticket on Monday (My previous one was closed although the problem was unresolved).

I then repeated the whole question and answer session again:
Have you tried this? Yes. Have you tried that? Yes. blar blar blar.

I was then asked to run their broad band checker tool. I did with totally inconclusive results. It stated it failed, but couldn’t tell me what the problem.

I now find that my peak time stats for Monday show that I used in excess of 300 Meg of data. Not bad considering I was out for most of the evening and the only browsing I did was to read the non existent response to my ticket.
I normally manage about 50-60 meg a day.

Has anyone else noticed this effect and if so did they have any joy in getting the stats reset as the consumed data never actually ended up on my internal network? I am unhappy with using 10% of my peaktime allocation for nothing, except to aid PlusNet in finding the answer to the ADSLmax fiasco.

If this isn't the problem can anyone recommend a freeware LAN monitor that I can use to find out where the data is going?

My machine has been virus and spyware checked with nothing found.