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Downgrading to lower tariff service and admin cost


Downgrading to lower tariff service and admin cost

Been with PlusNet since 2003.

And have been on the Basic Premier Service. Now I dont use half the features any more and dont require the additional services that they provide so I want to drop my service to the cheaper Broadband Plus...

However just running it through and it costs £29.99 to downgrade.

I know PNet are out there to make money but to me that sounds a bit OTT.

Especially when I can cancel and transfer to another supplier for free.

Is there anything they can do to reduce this down. I have always been happy with PlusNet and dont really want to change but the cost to downgrade my product seems stupid.

Any help will be great


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Downgrading to lower tariff service and admin cost

It's normally only 14.99 to downgrade unless you are trying for more speed at the same time.Try raising a ticket if you can find the right route through help and support and ask.
How much do you download a month, you may be better getting payg if it is not much as you keep most of the bits and bobs that come with the premier service.
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Downgrading to lower tariff service and admin cost

I transfered from premier 1 to payg and selected 6gb per month for usage. The features are the same but it can cost £14.99 per month if you stick with the 2gb deal.

If you downgrade then sadly their is a one of £14.99 charge.

So to downgrade you should be charged only 14.99 unless you have selected to change from for example yearly to monthly contract as that ny have an impact. I found the charges esp the downgrade listed but not really clarified all that well on the site.