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Domain Names and CGI Subdirectories


Domain Names and CGI Subdirectories


I've looked through th forums etc trying to find a method to do the following:

Have a domain name point to a subdirectory on the cgi space, as is possible with the non-php webspace as in:

One Domain point to htdocs/whatever
Another points to htdocs/whateverelse

I would like to be able to do the same pointing to user defined directories on the cgi servers.

I understand that you can set the www as a cname to criticalmass, but this means pointing to the root dir.

At present, I'm doing nasty redirects, and I rather not have to.

The only alternative I see is obtain additional cgi subdomains, but I'm not quite clear on how this will work in practice.

(Oh, and I don't mean subdirectories from cgi-bin, but from root of userdir)


RE: Domain Names and CGI Subdirectories


Apologies for posting this in the wrong forum - got slightly lost!