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Domain Name


Domain Name

Hi, i am considering takin up your £1 a month domain name offer, however i was wondering if it was possible to resolve the domain name to my static ip, as i am planning on hosting my website from my linux box, rather than having it pointed to my plusnet webspace. Also, would the domainname replace my hostname of for example, on IRC would my hostname appear as the domain name i had purchased. Also, would i still be able to keep my email addresses ? or would they be updated to sorry if you dunt understand what i mean heh Smiley BTW plusnet, got my dsl a few weeks back, i am extremely impressed by the service! only had one problem so far and that didnt last long. keep up the good work, i shall def. be recommending you!

RE: Domain Name


I dont know how it works with +net as my domain names are registered through but with them I can redirect my domain names and have done so with one of my domain names to my plus net static ip, by using the ip address as the redirection like this "http://***.***.**.***"

I assume you can do the same with domain names registered with

Cheers Chris
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RE: Domain Name

I have three domains purchased from 123reg and or or all end up in the same mail box.

e.g I have set up a mail box mike@ so, and all end up together.



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