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Domain Email


Domain Email

I might be being stupid but...

I have registered the domain

How do I set up my email client (Outlook XP) to send and recieve using instead of the address? Do I need to specify mail forwarding somewhere? I cant find anywhere on this site to help me.

Cheers in advance

RE: Domain Email

Er... im not too sure but I think its automatic!

Just setup your account as you would normally...


The e-mail sent to <anything> and <anything> will be sent to your normal account!

Well thats how its been working for me for the last year or so and I didnt fiddle with any settings or different servers... just the normal mail settings and PlusNet will deal with the rest!!

And NO u are not being stupid!! I asked the exact same question a year ago Smiley

-good on ya PlusNet... shame about the speeds last week.. hope its all up and running again!


RE: Domain Email

Thanks - I will check it out.