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Does anyone understand their usage report?


Does anyone understand their usage report?

Here's mine for the current month:

Web 2.48GB 1.69GB 4.17GB
Email 145.86MB 265.9MB 411.75MB
Broadband phonecalls 125.02MB 6.27MB 131.29MB
Gaming 1.36GB 609.01MB 1.97GB
Streaming 232.49MB 98.03MB 330.52MB
PlusNet FTP 0KB 0KB 0KB
Peer-to-peer 1.75GB 6.31GB 8.06GB
Usenet 302.15KB 276.15KB 578.3KB
FTP (non PlusNet) 1.86MB 71.36KB 1.93MB
Other 5.87GB 2.43GB 8.3GB
Total usage so far 11.96GB 11.41GB 23.37GB

Bottom line is: I am now at level 1 management, having exceeded the Premier 1 limits (10 Gb), and it's looking like I'll be moving to level 2 for the last couple of days of the billing month. I have upgraded my account to Premier Option 2 but the order has yet to complete.

What puzzles me:

131Mb of BB phone calls? I don't recall making any IP calls this month.

P2P at 8Gb including 1.75Gb at peak time seems a bit high in a month where I have personally downloaded no more than 2.8Gb - but then the usage figures will include upload numbers as well (should be less than a third of the 2.8Gb for me), and I need to check what my kids have been up to (I can't see how their p2p usage would make up the full difference of say 4Gb.

Anyway, adding the peak usage for web, gaming and p2p, I should be well below the maximum usage allowed, except... 5.87Gb of "other" broadband usageHuh? Someone will need to explain that one to me.

Note that I do not dispute the logic of peak usage management, although I am concerned that levels of traffic management are introduced well before the allowance is reached.
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Does anyone understand their usage report?

are you using a wirelss router? if so make sure your network is encrypted or it could be someone else using ur network to gain access to the internet without your permission. just a thought

Does anyone understand their usage report?

Thanks for your suggestion, I am using a WiFi network but haven't encrypted it. It is quite improbable that anyone could use it as my house is quite isolated, and there is no sign of unknown activity in the router's DHCP listings.

Having said all of this, you can never be too cautious and I'll follow your recommendation and encrypt the network.

I do think however that PlusNet still owes me an answer on this one, at least to explain what's under the "other" category in the usage report.

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Does anyone understand their usage report?

Other includes any types of traffic that can't be clasified in the other groups AND encrypted P2P, FTP and VPN traffic.

The grouping for phone calls is done on port number used rather than a specific check on the data so any data seen on the common VoiP ports will be classed as VoiP data. P2P is a classic culprit where many people use many ports for many connections and some ports will overlap with other services like gaming and VoIP.

Does anyone understand their usage report?

Thank you for your reply Peter