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Does Fujitsu fdx310 work after MaxADSL?


Does Fujitsu fdx310 work after MaxADSL?


Last week I was given the email to say my connection had been upgraded to 'up to 8meg'. The connection stops after only 10 mins tops and I have to restart the PC to reconnect.

PN say it may be the modem. Does anyone have a Fujitsu fdx310 modem that works AFTER the regrade please? The last drivers were released 2002 and the model has been superceeded since.

Time to buy new kit?!

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Does Fujitsu fdx310 work after MaxADSL?

I had exactly the same problem when I was upgraded to an 8Mb/s line (LLU in my case). It was definitely the modems inability to cope. Interestingly, when I used the modem with an older 1MHz PC it was okay but when attached to my 3.2GHz PC it crashed and required the reboot you mentioned.

My solution was to upgrade to a router, which connects via an ethernet port. This works fine and the download speed increased at a result as well.