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Does 'ADSL Home Surf' Support Video Conferencing.


Does 'ADSL Home Surf' Support Video Conferencing.

I am currently connected / subscribed to the 'ADSL Home' broadband service (@ £21.99 per month) & I am now considering downgrading to the 'ADSL Home Surf' broadband service (@ £18.99 per month) as I don't use peer-2-peer software etc.

The only query / concern I have about the 'ADSL Home Surf' broadband service is as follows: Does it support messenger software (i.e. MSN Messenger, AOL Messenger etc.) as I use these to video / audio conference with (particularly AOL).

I'd appreciate your advice on the above.
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Does 'ADSL Home Surf' Support Video Conferencing.

ADSL home surf is no longer available. It has been replaced by the broadband home packages which include either a bandwidth capped option (which could work out cheaper than you current package) or premier which has unlimited bandwidth.

All of the new products are similar to your existing ADSL home in functionality but also come with anti-spam and anti-virus as standard. Thet will support MSN messenger and similar apps.

See the folowing table for upgrade/regrade prices:

Note: streaming video can use up a lot of bandwidth very quickly so choose your package carefully.
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Does 'ADSL Home Surf' Support Video Conferencing.

even if the package suports it, does your router? Not all work well or at all with msn let alone video / audio conferencing with it and other applications.

I know the Origo One port and Four port, using the widely used Conexant chipset is suppose to work. But the last firmware update with the firewall causes problems with this and other remote connections.
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