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Dodgy DG834G line stats?


Dodgy DG834G line stats?


Looking at some of the line stats coming out for my router

Connection Speed 1152 kbps 288 kbps
Line Attenuation 36 db 10.5 db
Noise Margin 11 db 29 db

It's the low Noise Margin that concerns me, if I reboot the router the downstream noise margin jumps up to a high level of 25-30db but eventually falls away after a few hours. I've checked all the connections, plugged the router into the master socket etc.

I would like to have a higher connection speed in the future but going by these figures it would look unlikely? Could the router be playing up by providing such a wide range of noise margin figures? Is there any other way to test the noise margin other than obtaining another router?
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Dodgy DG834G line stats?

What firmware version are you running and have you tried the latest 3.01.25 which appears to improve on it's line detection compared to previous versions, although on mine, it is still showing 4->5 dB higher for line attenuation and 4 -> 5dB lower for SNR than the actual line stats produced from a woosh test.

So I would suspect your actual figures are better than the router is suggesting.

I sometime see something similar on mine but the difference is normally only 6 or so dB.

Dodgy DG834G line stats?

Yes I'm running the latest firmware version 3.01.25 - I had similar figures for the noise margin reported with older versions so I've not seen any difference there but did notice that the line attenuation had dropped by around 6db with the 3.01.25 version.

Looks like I should raise a ticked to request a woosh test to find out for sure.