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Do you want to know something funny...


Do you want to know something funny...

First, a brief background of recent months of my experience with plusnet.

I was one of those people intermittently asking to be upgraded to the 8mb service. I watched people I know literally 10 seconds down the road getting on 8mb (who also use +net) with my upgrade no where in site, to the point I just didn't care anymore what with sky BB almost available to me.

Ultimately, with a friend constantly whining (ok he wasn't, but he really isn't happy) about 3-4 disconnects a day and him being the person who lives literally round the corner from me, coupled with recent information he got that he'll have to pay 47 quid when he wants to move to sky BB I figured i'll just tell +net that I don't want to be upgraded and please leave my account the hell alone.

I made such a ticket on Saturday morning and you'll never guess what... Yes, to my "shock" i'm now connected at 8096/448. I just don't know what to say. I whine at +net all that time that everyone in my area is being upgraded and i'm not with nothing happening, then I say the exact opposite (my ticket was VERY firm with light threats to involve ofcom etc) and they upgrade me days later.

It's such an absurd scenario, I couldn't help but laugh :lol:
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Do you want to know something funny...

Glad to hear you have been up graded mate Cool

Do you want to know something funny...

Actually, my point was that I requested NOT to be upgraded, but they still did. Now i'll have to pay a stupid chunk of money (stupid as in the idiocy of it not the amount so much) to be able to change to Sky BB when it is out.

Fundamentally, I guess i'm trying to show people that sometimes it doesn't matter what you might want/expect/try to do; plusnet are consistently failing to deliver more and more and the customer service is nearly non existant.

My 'upgrade' was not only undesired and fully expressed NOT to happen, but the extraneous costs it will ultimately incur on me are not at present worth the 45k/s upload and an extra 10 down giving me a stormingly fast 245~ (sarcasm).

When a ship starts to sink, what do most people do -.-

Do you want to know something funny...

Erm, you won't have to pay extra to move. That would only happen if you were on LLU. It appears from your sync rates though that you are on MaxDSL.
MaxDSL MAC codes are treated by all ISP's in the same way that yours would have been dealt with on you previous connection speed.