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Do these symptoms match the Binatone USB power issue?


Do these symptoms match the Binatone USB power issue?


After nine days' wait for a BT engineer to diagnose my fault following a storm, he informed me that my self-bought Fujitsu modem had died after less than two years, d'oh. Anyway, I was in a nine-days-offline-induced rush to get this sorted and I found that Argos sold the exact same Binatone modem that PlusNet now provide to new customers, the ADSL500 (three-light version), so I grabbed one and got it set up.

Unfortunately I've now come away for the weekend leaving my parents to it, and they're having serious problems. I want to know whether the symptoms they're experiencing could suggest that it's the USB power issue (so we can try and sort out a powered USB hub, or take the modem back and get a different one I suppose, if Argos'll take it back).

I have the connection shared on my home network using Windows XP Pro's Internet Connection Sharing. It was working fine on both mine and my mum's PC when I left home this afternoon. On arrival here I connected to some of my various servers back home to check it was all working, but when I actually connected to my FTP server for a purpose a short while later, it wouldn't connect, and in fact then none of my servers worked. So it basically had gone offline at a fairly random time, several hours (most of which were not being used) after I first connected.

The lights on the modem, however, are still perfectly normal as if connected. That is, they are permanently on, permanently on. and occasionally flickering, respectively. However, the host PC cannot ping the modem's IP, nor connect to its configuration interface, and can't access any web sites. The connection's status, according to Windows XP's Network Connections folder, is "Enabled, Shared".

I am running Zone Alarm Pro, but this did not stop it working for half an hour or so when I was still at home. I configured it all manually to know what was the internet and what was the network etc.

When it became apparent on the telephone to my dad that my PC could not even see the modem, let alone access web sites through it, I suggested he unplug the modem's USB cable and then re-plug it in. He did this, at which point ZoneAlarm said it had discovered a new network and prompted him with a wizard. Wishing to do it manually (as earlier), I told him to cancel this wizard. He then reported that a confirmation dialog appeared, but only got as far as rendering its titlebar before stopping responding. It then took with it the whole PC, process by process, until there was no option but to reset the PC Sad

So, anyway, could the above be the Binatone USB power issue? My motherboard is an ASUS A7N8X Deluxe and I have the modem plugged in to one of the motherboard USB ports - one of the two which come on a separate bracket which attaches to some pins on the board.

Please let me know if you've any ideas that may help me. I have done a search (hence my knowledge of this power issue) but did not see anyone describe quite the same symptoms as mine.

Edit: Forgot to mention that I have the modem configured as 'always on'. Thought I should add this in case it makes a difference.