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Do all adsl modems work with self install?


Do all adsl modems work with self install?

Hi, I'm looking to buy an adsl modem to go with the self install package.

Is it as simple as just buying one and it will definately work (generally speaking of course).

Im looking to get an artek one but don't know if I'm just being a bit niave in just going out and getting one

What to do?

Thanks for any advise anyone can offer?

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RE: Do all adsl modems work with self install?

Hi Simon,

The majority of ADSL modems will work with ADSL in the UK. If in doubt then buy one from a UK company as this is likely to be compatible.

If you are still undecided about equipment I would go to as they have good reviews of hardware and are independant of all the manufactureres (hence fair).


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