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Do Plus Net support read this forum.

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Registered: 03-08-2007

Do Plus Net support read this forum.

Just out of interest, do Plus Nets tech support guys read this forum?.....There dont seem to be any replies to issues raised!

RE: Do Plus Net support read this forum.

It seems to be that whenever there is a bag of sh*te flying about( as often happens on this forum, especialy of late regarding the crappy download speeds ) the heads of of support are well and truly down. You can expect a reply at some late hour when things may have cooled off a little. (It will be the fault of BT of course, leaves up the pipe or the wrong kind of snow on the line) I can't see any other reason for this as,if you visit the other forums, there are support staff reading and replying to posts at all hours. Does not inspire confidence, does it ?

Regards, John Taylor


RE: Do Plus Net support read this forum.

The support team are obviously preparing some 'room' for the new 'fat pipe'... That's why we have not had a reply, or indeed an update to the service status page since 10:38 this morning...

Oh when should we expect the blessed new 'fat pipe' dear support team? 'Sometime' before the end of August no doubt

RE: Do Plus Net support read this forum.

You know that last update you're talking about at 10:38 this morning...

It is the same posting they had on August 1st.. word for word..

They have deleted the Aug 1st posting, and simply copy and pasted the same news onto August 2nd.

This is terrible....
and my connection still is crap!.