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Do I have a fault or not?


Do I have a fault or not?


I presently have this ADSL Home package, where this weekend the 30 minute time-outs for idle inactivity starts.......these are not a problem though.

My question is:

I have a Belkin wireless router and modem, I only use a laptop at home connected wirelessly to this.

Just today, my router says no connection for internet.
Could this be because it has been disconnected due to the 30 minute idle time out?
As when I plugged in my USB ADSL modem, I got connection immediately.

I restarted the router three times before trying the ADSL modem, it would not obtain an internet connection.
After connecting with ADSL modem, I immediately took out the phone line from it, and plugged it into the back of the wireless internet connection exists....through the Belkin router/ modem?

So, this has to be related to the 30 minute idle time out...

How do I reactivate my Belkin router/ modem if it is disconnected after 30 minutes?
My IP addresses etc etc are all the same as before, its working fine.....i just think this 30 min timeout means I can not use wireless at home, as the modem was always on before.
If it now disconnects, how do I get it to boot back up to internet connection?

Hope you understand what I mean ....!

Any help is appreciated.... thank you
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Do I have a fault or not?

As far as im aware plusnet hav`nt initiated the 30 minute timeout yet nor do they intend to (not for the timebeing at least) someone correct me if im wrong about this
even if it were your router should resynch to the exchange anyway so i would suspect your issue lies elsewhere

In your router setup do you have an option saying "always on" if so make sure its checked then save your settings and see if it makes any difference

Do I have a fault or not?

Yes Bill,

You are correct. The idle timeout has not been implemented.

Do I have a fault or not?

Have they changed their minds regarding the idle time-out now then?

Thank you for the replies, I will recheck my router.

Do I have a fault or not?


They didnt say they were actually introducing it, they merely reserved the right to do so if it became necessary.