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Disgusted - My connection speeds


Disgusted - My connection speeds

Look here, I pay for 8mbps and I am getting the following -

Previous speed test results:

Date Speed Achieved (kbps)
13-11-2006 21:38:50 1992.2
13-11-2006 21:37:54 640
13-11-2006 21:36:00 1098.8
26-10-2006 14:14:23 1889.1
26-10-2006 14:13:52 1755.4
26-10-2006 14:12:40 2091.6
17-10-2006 22:26:53 1368.5
17-10-2006 22:25:41 3165.6
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Disgusted - My connection speeds

Look here, I pay for 8mbps

No you don't - have you read the following
- that explains what you get for BT's "up-to-8Mb" AdslMax
Cheers, G

Disgusted - My connection speeds

Yea but why did i get 8mbps until 2 weeks ago....

Disgusted - My connection speeds

I've got a similar problem and have had a *very* exasperating experience with technical support.

My ADSL router shows it's operating at 7.66Mbps. PlusNet tells me I'm achieving 7Mbps and the BT Speedtester shows around 6.6Mbps. Why am I often getting 1.88Mbps or at best 2.66Mbps with My exchange is showing "green" status; no contention issues.

All I want from PlusNet is an answer. Perhaps someone out there can do their job for them?



Disgusted - My connection speeds

Look here, I pay for 8mbps and i get beautiful speed

13-11-2006 20:19:50 235 kbps Download
12-11-2006 21:37:54 112 kbps Download
11-11-2006 21:36:00 103 kbps Download

Im enjoy fucking plusNET VERY VERY
:x :x
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Disgusted - My connection speeds

Heres mine since my upgrade "upto 8 meg" twenty seven days ago

14-11-2006 17:19:28 748.8
14-11-2006 17:19:03 334.2
14-11-2006 17:18:37 441

Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad
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Disgusted - My connection speeds


Whilst I can appreciate your frustrations about the quality of your service, your posts of late have been irritatingly poor in terms of your grasp of the English language and the tone in which it is written.

Now, I don't work for Plusnet, nor am I one of those so eloquently termed "fanboys" I am a paying customer like your good self.
Yes, I too am experiencing latency and speed issues, and it's being sorted, but there are ways and means of doing it. Unfortunately, posting in the unconstructive way you are means you could quite possibly alienate yourself from the community and potentially face the wrath of our humble mods...

SLOW! Change provider?

I don't know whether this list is just a PlusNet front or whether it can offer genuinely impartial advice, but the complaints about slowness strike a chord. In rural Devon we only got broadband in July 2005, but I swear it is slower now than before - we work from home (freelance journalist & translator) and absolutely need fast connection speeds, but for several months have experienced infuriatingly erratic speeds - sometimes OK but today just awful, like the old dial-up. Can PlusNet be blamed for this, or is it BT, the weather, little green men from outer space...? Would I be justified in dumping PlusNet for another provider?
Regards, Anthony

Disgusted - My connection speeds

My advice is to leave asap.

I have chanegd providers today and the differnce in download speeds is unbelivable. I did 3 different speed checkers yesterday on Plus Net and the same today on my new provider and was see results that more than doubled my download speeds. With Plus Net at the moment there seems to be a lot of lag.

Leave - you will be amazed at the differnce.

Not again!

I have just read the issues arising thru poor performance in connection speeds. I too am suffering the same problem, i originally moved into new house and started with talk talk cos it was cheap but the speed was good but irratic and unreliable, i then changed to BT ( bloody trash ) they too said it will take ten days blah blah and no joy good old speed of 16kbps so after three weeks i decided to go with plusnet as i used to use them years ago and i must admit im surprised at the level of pomplaint issues with plusnet. I must admit im getting rather worried reading these posts that i might be shooting myself in the foot once more with unreliable download speeds. Sometimes i do a speed test and its fantastic but i still acheive same download speeds and its frustrating, i have only been withplusnet a few days and im not entirely confident, i do hope they prove me wrong.

Also im wondering that i have problems with other isps ie the same problem, so could it be bt that are f$&*"£$!@ up for us all with them upgrading exchanges and it has a knock on effect within the system or is this me being stupid. It seems that no matter whom im with i cant get a constant decent connection like i used to even tho the line has been checked and was deemed to be fine below are my speeds generated over the past few days.

Date Speed Achieved (kbps)

15-11-2006 20:11:33 29645.4
15-11-2006 08:08:40 0
15-11-2006 08:08:12 0
14-11-2006 21:35:32 32083.6
14-11-2006 21:23:15 30835.6
14-11-2006 19:13:00 141.9
14-11-2006 19:12:16 138.2
14-11-2006 17:00:17 32083.6
14-11-2006 16:56:00 30835.6
08-11-2006 09:38:24 0

as you can tell i get good and bad in both but never download above 17 kbps no matter what so can anybody enlighten me to why this occurs. My firewall etc setting are fine and re install modem, changed filters, phone socket checked, line checked, changed leads from ethernet to usb etc and back.....,reformatted pc, checked for viruses, changed modems, changed isps, pc i as near as you can get it to phone socket.

i rest my case


"ecomm" My advice is to leave asap.

My advice is to leave asap.

Hi ecomm, thanks for your info. Although my download speeds are generally good I must admit this World of Warcraft thing is driving us all crazy and it seems only Plus.Net users are suffering.

So, if it's not a daft question, who did you switch to?

Re: "ecomm" My advice is to leave asap.

My advice is to leave asap.

Hi ecomm, thanks for your info. Although my download speeds are generally good I must admit this World of Warcraft thing is driving us all crazy and it seems only Plus.Net users are suffering.

So, if it's not a daft question, who did you switch to?

"World of Warcraft" - what is that? I'm lost, mystified... It's not "download speeds" that I'm after (though I do sometimes need to upload/download image files) simply fast access to websites. I've just been trying in vain to access something fairly ordinary and it reminded me of the worst days of accessing sites from my laptop using a dial-up modem connection....
Utterly unacceptable, deeply fed up, desperately require a fast, functional, reliable service.

Disgusted - My connection speeds

Plus net are taking some serious liberties with peoples hard earned money.

I also pay for the "up to.. " nonsence, but not the premium service. Hey, my gaming career is over, and I was tired of getting my butt kicked by little nippers.

Anyway, the speeds I am getting range from being just about acceptable to shocking to the point where I've asked plus net for money back.. see beneath.

15-11-2006 23:41:50 71
15-11-2006 23:32:59 68.6
08-11-2006 21:57:54 410.4
06-11-2006 21:37:56 478.7
05-11-2006 19:11:02 557.5
03-10-2006 20:50:27 546.1

I noticed the drop just over a month ago. It was very sudden and clearly the result of throttling. They lie about this tho..

Now, what really bothers me (and im a s/w developer, not a sys admin) is the nonesence replies i get from their technical support. They are blaming a high contention ratios - when that's crap.. My neighbours are flying while i sit here coaxing bits an bites with a flute! I'm sure other users come into it along the way and I expect and hope that those paying more than me do get a better service, but my 14.99 pounds a month is deserving of some level of damn consistent service!

Plus net, at least where i am, should be ashamed of themselves. It's disgusting.

shame shame shame. Bad ISP. Naaaghty.

This is true

World of warcraft ecommmm or aharrison is an online pc game like me i use call of duty but with the poor speed and being a sniper i get shot very easily ( if i can connect ) and as for friends nearby i too have a couple of friends who live further away from the same exchange i have to use and they have no problems!

Disgusted - My connection speeds

Hi - bullenwhatling

I have moved to IDNET, only a small supplier and no frills etc, but not bothered about that, i just wanted quick reliable ADSL connection and thats it. (+ i suppose email and DNS that stayed up for more than a couple of days !!!!)

This is somthing that Plus Net no longer seem to be able to supply.