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Disconneting wireless router


Disconneting wireless router


I am using TrendNet TEW-435BRM wireless router to connect PlusNet 2 meg broadband. After plusnet introduced the time-out disconnects, I had to switch my router on and off to reconnect. So I opted out for this and I expected that I will be live all the time. On the contrary, while I am on the internet, the router signal suddenly becomes unavailable. All the lights are on the router are OK. I switch the router on and off but this time although I have a signal, the internet is not available. I have to go to setup menus in the router and re-set all the settings and then I can connect.
I tried different settings like auto connect/disconnect, manual connect/disconnect and keep alive (auto connect immediately) but no luck.

Do you have any idea why this happens? I got the latest firmware update and I didn't have this problem before!

Thanks in advance

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Disconneting wireless router

I had a problem with a wireless router, random dropouts etc. re booting the router restored it for a while, then it dropped out again. When I changed the wireless channel from the default channel 6 to 9 all the problems went away!
It could be someone else on the same channel causing problems.