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Disconnection Problem?


Disconnection Problem?

I've noticed a lot of message about disconnection problems and thought I'd ask about a problem I've been having.

I'm very regulary having a problem with web access. It seems very strange because if I'm already doing something, like downloading something, on an IM, or on a website, they'll all work fine...yet if I open another browser or try to start anything else new, I won't be able to connect to it.

I'm also able to close a browser and then open another and access only the sites that I was on when the internet access crashed, so the access is there but not at the same time.

I was wondering whether this may be a configuration problem, I have a Netgear DG834.

I've also noticed that I'm unable to transfer files by FTP, again this could be a similar problem.

Edit: I'm going to upload the firmware version and see if that helps...(
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Disconnection Problem?

For the FTP problem make sure you are running the latest firmware 1.04.01 which has fixes for FTP transfers (fixed in 1.03.00) as well as MSN messenger activities.

For the access problems, do you run a software firewall? If so try disabling it and see if it makes a difference. Also try disabling the Netgear firewall and see if it makes a difference.

Disconnection Problem?

I've updated the firmware and the disconnection problems are still happening, every hour or so.

FTP, isn't accessing at all now (it was connecting and then timing out before I updated the firmware), and I've even made a firewall rule for it and still nothing. I've tried using another port, still nothing.

Internet access, I don't know whether unallowing ZoneAlarm will fix this or not...that shouldn't affect it as all internet browsers are set up to always have access.

I thought the Netgear Firewall couldn't be shut down?

Disconnection Problem?

I found this article;

I'm going to try that and see if it works.