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Disconnecting while using News servers.


Disconnecting while using News servers.

I dont know if the two are related, but it certainly appears that way...

..while downloading from the groups I get random disconnections, not just from the groups, but from the internet in general.
I can quite happily play online games with no problems, and, as a Tribes2 junkie I spend a lot of time gaming. I have spent up to 4.5 hours gaming with no disconnection, but when using News I could be disconnected after 20 minutes or less.

Any ideas?

Disconnecting while using News servers.

Two different News accounts, two different Newsreaders and still random disconnections...

..someone must have some idea


Disconnecting while using News servers.

The only thing I can think off I that plus net have a time/bandwidth limt on news group use. Anyone known? When it drops next time try using telenet (see tutorails using telenet). The news port is 119. The server is server
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Disconnecting while using News servers.

There is no time or bandwidth limit on the PlusNet newsfeed.

What ADSL equipment are you using? if USB, does the power light on the modem go out when it disconnects?

There are loads of threads related to disconnect issues where lots of advice is given. Have a search around or start with this.

Don't forget to read the PlusNet ADSL troubleshooting help pages and the the following tutorials:

ADSL: Trouble Shooting

ADSL: Wiring and Filters

Disconnecting while using News servers.

I have a PCI and a USB modem, both of which work perfectly and have done for a significant amount of time. Switching modems does not remedy the problem. My microfilter is in the only phone socket in the flat, and I have tried three different microfilters to no avail. The line has also recently been checked by BT and has a clean bill of health.
Also, the error occurs with both my news accounts.
This would lead me to believe it is not a fault with my equipment. I'm still attempting to track down the root cause of the problem, but it does appear to be Plus.Net dependant.

The fact that online gaming is not subject to the disconnections, regardless of time connected must have some relevance, but I'm no expert so I may be wrong.

More details as I uncover them, any suggestions welcomed.

Disconnecting while using News servers.

Do a tracert to the news servers

Disconnecting while using News servers.

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>tracert

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 107 ms 115 ms 114 ms []
2 29 ms 34 ms 32 ms []
3 44 ms 47 ms 54 ms [21]
4 50 ms 31 ms 51 ms []

5 39 ms 48 ms 33 ms [
6 141 ms 151 ms 151 ms []
7 182 ms 147 ms 127 ms []

8 116 ms 134 ms 180 ms [63.21
9 105 ms 111 ms 93 ms []
10 191 ms 236 ms 193 ms []
11 182 ms 199 ms 168 ms []
12 226 ms 199 ms 171 ms []

Trace complete.

..means nothing to me, but here you go. I could do the same for if you'd like.

Disconnecting while using News servers.

Try looking at this
There appears to be lot of this kind of thing not just with news. Are you using astrawebs news servers or plus nets I can't think why that would make a differance but some else might know. Do use the news at peak times and game at others? It might be loading depends what kind of games you are playing and how much news you are downloading.