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Disconnecting my ADSL session


Disconnecting my ADSL session

I have a Mesh PC running Windows XP and I seem to be having problems whenever I want to disconnect the network connection.
It just seems to sit there at the disconnecting stage but never finishes with disconnected.
This in turn then affects my machine when shutting down .It just hangs at the shutting down screen.

Another thing i've noticed is while i'm using my peer to peer software.
If I'm downloading stuff while doing other things the peer to peer works fine.
But if i go away from the machine for a few hours the download speeds have dropped right off.
I tried to test this by running a continuous ping to a website.While looking at various websites the pings back are fine but if i leave it for a few hours and then open the screen again you can see the pings up around 3000-4000

Any advice on either issue folksHuh?

Disconnecting my ADSL session

You dont say if you have a router usb modem or pci modem so it hard to give good advice. The disconection is normaly down to the network card or other device being set to bring the pc out of hibernation or wka eup on lan.

This is designed for corperates so they can turn the pc on for updates etc. If this is set on and you are getting network traffic it wakes it up again, so it try to shut down gets another packet and wakes up again. Not knowing if its a router or modem or what o/s I cant give you the right way to fix the problem but its normaly in the properties for the device.

The P2P is a funny thing at the best of times and does tend to go to sleep, its designed to keep the bandwidth low so unlike download managers which will fill the bandwidth it always low.

Pinging a site for hours will upset someone as they may think its a DOS attack


Sorry about the lack of info.
I'm using a binatone adsl 500 usb modem connected to one of the front usb ports on my machine.
I,m using Windows XP.