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Different Ping Speeds Between Win2k ---Winxp


Different Ping Speeds Between Win2k ---Winxp

Just installed a dual boot machine late last night and when I got home from work this afternoon, I noticed something itmes differ widely between win2k ---Winxp and Im stumped as to why...

1) These installation are completely fresh with no tweaks made etc and are both running all latest service packs

2) I have a 2mb account

3) The above example pings were performed within minutes of one another

4) I use a Netgear dg814 router (default 1458 mtu on router)

5) DrTCP does not show any specific setitngs (boxes are blank).

Im not sure why there is such a noticeable difference between the 2 operating systems, my only preusmption is that default mtu/rwin settings are different between the operating systems, which is affecting the ping times.

However Im not sure of the default settings in the 2 operating systems so I cant verify this.

Anyone else experienced this or now the reason behind this anomoly
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Different Ping Speeds Between Win2k ---Winxp

MTU/RWIN settings will not effect ping times.

I can't remember if it was Me or Win2K that reports the wrong ping times. Maybe that would explain the difference. XP does report the correct timings.


Different Ping Speeds Between Win2k ---Winxp

Its ME that reports wrong ping times. But yes, XP is far less efficient than any other Operating System (apart from 2003 - I havent tested that one yet) at ping times. Reported ping times are generally higher, although if your playing games etc, they will probably be unchanged.

It is normal - if not somewhat annoying.