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Differences in current packages


Differences in current packages


I'm currently a Broadband EasyStart user which I've noticed is quite an old package.
Which out of the current packages would be the equivalent of the EasyStart broadband package that I'm using?

I like the freedom I currently have with no limits on my internet usage so if can make a saving from switching to a cheaper alternative that offers the same freedom that would be great!

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Differences in current packages

Broadband Home premier 512K (i.e. uncapped) -£21.99/month.

Same webspace, email, AV filtering etc.

If you have been on the easystart package for more than 12 months you are now on a monthly contract. It will cost £14.99 to switch to the package I detailed above (or any other broadband home package for that matter) on a monthly contract.

If you are still within your first 12 months then there may be additional costs to move (see item 6 in the link below).

Full details here.