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Difference between bband premier and bband plus?


Difference between bband premier and bband plus?

Hi all,

Not sure if I'm the only one who's getting confused with plusnet net at the moment what with all the package and price changes that seem to be flying around at the moment!

I've got a question I'm hoping someone could help me with. Currently I have a 1mb premier service that costs me £29.99 per month. I've had a look at the package options and I can see something that is called 1mb plus service for only £19.99 per month. As far as I can see neither of these packages currently have any sort of download limits/capping.

Would someone be able to help me out by telling me what the difference is between these two packages as I quite like the idea of saving £10 per month!

Grateful for any help received!
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Difference between bband premier and bband plus?

BB+ is traffic shaped in that priority is given to things like web surfing and email which should run at full speed all the time. Other activities like P2P, filesharing and binary newsgroup access are given very low priorities so they don't run too fast and affect everyone.

BB+ is designed for people who do not use on-line games or download loads of P2P data but do use more than say 5GB/month (any less and the broadband PAYG (formerly lite) would be a better option).

As for what the new premier will be like and how different it will be from BB+ I have no idea as I am as confused as the rest of you about the recent announcements.