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Dial Up to ADSL + No Sync


Dial Up to ADSL + No Sync

Just received my binatone 500 modem etc and my line is activated
drivers loaded ok and i followed the set up instructions exactly for windows 98.
It's only been able to connect twice in 4 days
i have a powered usb hub
it just will not sync
i'm just about to replace all the extension wire with cat5 cable and a faceplate filter etc. To eliminate any wiring problems etc. So i'll run through all the troubleshooting & see how that goes.
What i want to know up front is;
are any of my previous dial up virgin net settings likely to screw anything up and how do i delete everything to do with virgin net? I can't do this yet as it's the only way to get on line.
Does my existing zone alarm cause any problems?
Do i need to shut down all background program files before installing the modem drivers?
If i do get it up & running what firewall do i use on adsl?



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