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Diagnostic test


Diagnostic test

When I run a diagnostic test on my Voyage 105 it shows that the 'system' has failed. I have re-installed the software a couple of times and the message is still there.

The problem I have is everytime a boot up the computer and try to get onto the internet I can't. I have to unplug the usb lead and then insert it again before the computer will recognise the modem! Help.
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Diagnostic test


I've not seen this kind of problem for a while. It sounds like the old power management problem, was common a few years back with certain motherboard chipsets.

Essentially what's happening is the PC is unable to supply the modem the right amount of power on boot up so the modem doesn't sync. Unplug and replug the modem and it's fine.

I presume if you turn the PC on with the modem unplugged and then plug it in it'll work fine.

Best thing to do is to check with the PC or motherboard manufacturer to see if they have any updated USB or powermanagement drivers, back when this was common most of them did and this fixed about 90% of the problems.