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I have been using Option 1 for several months but am not sure if I am logging in correctly.
I do so by clicking the IE icon and my Wayfarer router icon and then wait.
Is this the approved method or is there another better way as there seem to be occasional hiccups with what I am doing.
There were no instructions when I signed on with Plusnet as far as I recall.
John5 :shock:
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Hi John,

I'm assuming that in fact, you are using a ADSL modem and not a Router - if it were true for the latter then you wouldn't need to keep logging into your connection every time you went to use the internet - however, it's best to connect to PlusNet first, and then use Internet explorer.

Can you explain what kind of hiccups you've been having exactly?

Kind regards,


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Thanks for the quick response.
You are right about ADSL and I think your suggestion which I had been using recently produces reasonable results.
The hiccups which I have not suffered recently may have been due to some annoying security items which I suspect were lurking in the background but which I have now removed.
I was not sure whether there should be some Plusnet icon presence on the Desktop ie was I missing something.

I am quite happy at present but will come back if further problems/doubts arise.