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Date of switch to MaxDSL?


Date of switch to MaxDSL?


Does anyone know how to find out what date a line was switched to MaxDSL?

I'm trying to work out whether it's worth disconnecting and reconnecting my router over the next couple of weeks to give BT a chance to find the highest speed. I've not noticed significantly improved speeds in the past few days or weeks, so have no idea when the switch was made. I've just noticed that my router showed a higher connection figure.

Also, what speed should I expect with a SNR Margin of 22.3 and a Loop Attenuation of 3.9? Some sites have suggested I might get 6.5Mbs, but Adslguide and PN's checker are only showing 4.5Mbs.


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Date of switch to MaxDSL?

It is currently not possible for PN to either inform you when you upgrade request has been submitted, or get a date from BT when they will perform the upgrade.

You have already tried the sites where estimates of your speed can be found. However, in practice, the speeds given tend to be over optimistic and what you get will be determined by the exchange at the time, and will fluctuate.