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Datastream vs. IPstream

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Datastream vs. IPstream

Could someone explain the difference between the two for me and why an ISP would want to use on as opposed to the other and a user would want to use an ISP provided via one as opposed to the other?
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Datastream vs. IPstream

See Kitz's excellent article...

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Datastream vs. IPstream

In a nutshell, the cost of a IPStream wholesale cost includes the port rental associated with connection on the DSLAM and the backhaul of your data through the BT network to any and all points of termination.

The point of termination is determined by the realm ( or at which point the central pipe comes into play.

On datastream you pay a monthly rental cost for the port on the DSLAM and then pay BT seperatly or another company for transit of your data over a specific VP to a destination (normally the SPs network.

In Datastream you in effect arrange the transit over the BT network and central pipe seperatly.

Each provides its own benefits and its own drawbacks (short lists below).

IPStream Benefits:
1 single fixed monthly port cost which includes cross country transit.

IPStream Drawbacks:
No control over the cross country transits contention in any way (other than moaning that its over contended).

DataStream Drawbacks:
Because you pay for VPs on a per exchange basis, you start out low at maybe a 10mbps or even 2mbps. Can very quickly become contended. Your also dealing with per exchange contention and not just per central pipe. Mainly effecting consumer grade broadband (ie, wide target audience)

DataStream Benefits:
The SP can set the contention level and provide precise quality of service from end to end (right down to 1:1 end to end).

LLU then jumps on this further, in allowing the SP (or other wholesale provider. mainly wholesale due to cost) to control the cost of the actual port rental some more (by just renting the copper pair, or a share of the copper pair). Allows you to control the technology on the line too (ie, beat BT to the magic upto 24mbps services).