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Darned Sneaky Plusnet :-)


Darned Sneaky Plusnet :-)

Hi All

Sometime during the last 36 hours Plusnet have sneaked my upgrade in....... only found out because last evening (Tues) I had cause to check my router status and this is what I found

Downstream Rate : 8128 Kbps
Upstream Rate : 832 Kbps
Downstream Margin : 11 db
Upstream Margin : 11 db
Downstream Line Attenuation : 13
Upstream Line Attenuation : 8

Would someone more knowledgeable than I about these things please advise as to whether those figures are good, bad or indifferent in other words am I likely to have problems during the 10 day settling in period.

Thanks for any thoughts


Darned Sneaky Plusnet :-)

good luck!!! if ya dont have disconnection problems you are one lucky so and so Tongue

be warned, things may go peared shaped so dont expect help from support u wont get any lol
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Darned Sneaky Plusnet :-)

Keep an eye on the SNR margin - if it remains fairly static then you should be fine. Attenuation of 13dB aint too bad either Smiley

From what Ive seen so far of max.. for someone with results similar to yours the most annoying thing is being locked to the BTw bRAS profile for days :/

Darned Sneaky Plusnet :-)

Thanks folks

It would seem I am officially in the Lap Of The Gods now then :-)