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Daily connection problem


Daily connection problem

I've got an issue at the moment, which I'm tring to track down, and was hoping someone here may be able to help with. Each morning for the last week or so my connection has dropped between 7:50 and 8:10 some of the mornings it has come backup on its own, but most have required a reboot of the router, although this says the link is still there. I've got a few PC's on the network here and it is not a local issue on the PC as the connection drops for all, the network also still works for all of the PC's and the switches are not effected. Is anyone else having similar problems?

Daily connection problem

My connection get dropped at random any time of the day I happen to be online. Often when it starts it keeps dropping and is difficult to connect back in. Tonight it did it a few times after being online for less than 20 minutes chatting on here!

Someone has advised ditching the modem and getting a router - I will have to look into that. Cool

Problematic connections Replying Ivan

Hi guys,

Who ever gave you that advise, just gave you BAD advise I dont agree at all.
I Dont agree with what they have said, its a very knee jerk reaction to say things like this. What evidence is this advise based upon?

The dropped connections are NOT very likely to be down to your kit alone. For example my D-Link ADSL USB modem has worked rock solid for over 2 years now, & is extremely reliable and provides a good quality connection to me. so I can tell you from experience that there is nothing wrong with ADSL modems they work fine as do routers (different kit for different user requirements thats all).

**I think dropped connections are far more likely to be phone line related & commonly appear to be related to things like line noise or SNR (signal to noise ratio) or line attenuation. When line noise fluctuates (as it can and does!) it can tip the connection over a critical level hence the dropped connection or stale ADSL session (where it says the connection is still up but nothing travels over the line).

**Where noise is indicated on a line you need to have either PN investigate the problem first and if PlusNet find its a BT problem then PN will try to get BT involved (a word of caution if the problem IS passed to BT it can take time for BT too sort it out, BT are NOT known for speed of dealing with things like this).

**I had dropped connections on my line post BT installing it & ADSL Being activated on it, I was in my case extremely fortunate in that I phoned BT's DSL team (this was about 2years ago now, this ISNT possible now sadly) and I got a BT engineer to run a series of diagnostic tests on my line, the outcome was confirmed as a slightly noisy line. The BT engineer was abale to 1) rebalance my line 2) Tweaked the "gain" which results in improving line quality and lowering the noise levels. Since then NO MORE dropped connections.

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