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DSLMax upgrade and change of calls provider


DSLMax upgrade and change of calls provider


I thought I might ask what should be a stupid question (hopefully).

I am waiting for my DSLMax upgrade which should be jumping the queue according to information recently received from PlusNet.

At the same time, I am moving my voice services away from BT to another call provider, who will take on board all line rental charges for example. BT acknowledged the change and told me that, from tomorrow, my contract with them will cease and transfer to the other company.

I assume that this will not impact my broadband access and contract with PlusNet? Would I be facing problems when the upgrade actually takes place, or is everything likely to remain transparent?

Thanks in advance for your comments
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DSLMax upgrade and change of calls provider

You are only moving the voice side of the contract from BT Retail to another phone company so it should not affect your ADSL upgrades which is a separate contract between the ISP and BT Wholesale (a separate BT company)

However, sometimes things don't go according to plan so you probably need to get in touch with your new voice provider and get assurances that the move will not impact the ADSL upgrade. Get this is writing so that if you do loose your ADSL, they should then have to pay for any reconnect fees.