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DSLConnect Customers Hefty Charge to Upgrade


DSLConnect Customers Hefty Charge to Upgrade

For some time I've been on the DSLConnect250 service with no complaints. Now all the publicity of 2M Broadband Plus for 14.99 has made me question why I'm still paying 17.99 for DSL Connect.

I've raised private tickets but not really happy with the response. This is what I'm being told:-

"The DSLConnect service will remain the same as we do not do this product anymore, if you wanted to go for an upgrade unfortunately it would cost £64.63 as the current service would have to go for a cease and reprovide and then we could provide you with a different service because the connection is on a different bt product which would not be compatable with our current bt products"

I've asked what the different products are (I suspect it's to do with IPStream products vs Datastream)

The crazy thing is that I know I'm able to get 2M speed since for what is being described to me as a "Networking Issue" I had 3 days when my connection (confirmed with super-quick downloads) was at 2Mbits!

Is there anything to stop me cancelling DSLConnect250 (I've been on longer than 12 months) and then just applying for a new provide on the "Stay for 5 Years zero cost option initial charge"?

Without a fuller explanation I feel as though it's the old trick of attracting newer recruits at the expense of the old!

I've even asked PlusNet to reduce my existing account to 14.99 but falling on deaf ears . . . .

Any ideas?
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DSLConnect Customers Hefty Charge to Upgrade

Get your mac code and migrate to an isp on the datastream to ipstream migration trial. seem to be doing them,as far as I know Plusnet are not on the trial.