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DSL504T ADSl Router - disconnecting frequently


DSL504T ADSl Router - disconnecting frequently

Hi over the last few weeks I have been having a torrid time using the ADSL broadband.
I have Dlinks's DSL-504T ADSl router connected to Plusnet that detects the carrier signal to be down almost every 4/5 minutes. The router initaies a reconenct request automatically but havng lost the connection, all activites such browsing or emails have to be restarted.
OAM tests performed by the router are F5 and F4 - F5 endtoend and seg passes succesfully but the F4endtoend and seg fails - this may mean something to someone -
PluNet and I ahev tried to find the cause of this problem but yet have not succeded in solving it.
If anyone out there have same or similar problem and have managed to resolve it - pelase help - this will be much appreaited - done the usual things.

rgds Mahesh

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Can't help...

I can't connect at all using this router. What does your ADSL status light do when you're connected?