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DSL and quake


DSL and quake

I've been having an argument with a couple of friends of mine.

We are hoping to get adsl installed in our new flat at uni after the sommer and
we are wondering well arguing as to wether plus-net's self install package can provided enough bandwidth for 3 or 4 of us to play quake 1 at UKCalan level.

The other thing is does anyone know how quake/quake world would handle the fact that the
3 clients were connecting from the same IP address??

RE: DSL and quake

On Uk servers I regularly get a ping of 30 to 40 so with 4 of you sharing the available bandwith you would think that you would get 120 to 160 average each. However its a little more complicated than that. Without boring you too much, its possible that you would be slightly better off than just 4 times 30-40 if all of you were networked and playing at the same time. My suggestion would be as there's 4 of you pay for the self install 512k option and if there's not enough bandwith (for the railgun !) then upgrade to a 1024. With 4 of you sharing the cost it still works out pretty good.
As far as I understand it, Quakeworld if its set up like any other server would not be bothered one bit by muliple accounts from the same IP address.