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DSL Service Announcement


DSL Service Announcement

I just wanted to take this opportunity to bring everyone up to date with the current status of our DSL service.

As many will have noticed we have been upgrading the service over this last week, these upgrades are part of our strategy to bring all of our DSL customers onto the same reliable, scalable and fast platform.

The first part of this plan, completed on Friday, was the installation of new termination equipment. This equipment (a Redback SMS10000) is designed to support over 30,000 DSL subscribers, concurrently, and is carrier class in design (meaning that it has no single point of failure).

Currently only a portion of our customer base is supported on this new equipment, this portion being half of our vISP customers. The remainder of our DSL customer base is being migrated to the new platform next week.

Once next weeks migration has taken place we will be in position where all of our DSL circuits (which transport data from DSL customer to our network) will be well under capacity.

The final part of the migration will take place in December when we will be in a position to migrate all of the remainder of our DSL customers, including force9 and free-online customers to the new platform.

Customers can identify whether they have been migrated by the dial up login name used on their DSL account. Anyone on the realm (all customers whose login ends has already been migrated to the new termination equipment. The works next week will move all customers on the realm (all customers whose login ends to the new termination equipment.

All other customers will remain on the existing termination equipment, which is supplied by BT. The service will be improved to these customers because of the reduction in load on this termination equipment, due to the migration of customers.

Again let me emphasise that we are committed to providing a fast, reliable and feature rich service to all of our customers.


Gary Hough
CSC Manager
PlusNet Technologies Ltd

"The internet is a global collection of single points of failure"