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DSL Line speed upgrade from 2MB - Now ADSL is NOT WORKING.!


DSL Line speed upgrade from 2MB - Now ADSL is NOT WORKING.!

Initially I thought Plus Net were fairly on-to-it - offering a good service at a reasonable price. This all changed on Monday the 22-05-06.

Monday morning our Internet connection was down, checking our ADSL router - I found our line speed had been upgraded from 2200kpbs to around 5800kbps - I thought – “Cool we've been upgraded” - but there's a problem. No worries, I'll get in touch with PlusNet and they'll sort it out.
Well, we logged a fault online and went through the 'online' diagnostic's - then the 'detailed diagnostic check' - the issue is still pending for someone at PlusNet to look in to our problem.

We tried to ring the PlusNet support line, and initially was told there were ADSL upgrade issues and to wait 14 days, well I'd wait 14 days if my service was working - or part there of - however waiting 14 days with no internet access I find completely unacceptable.

So we rang the PlusNet service line a second time the following night (The flat mates were getting irate at this stage) - After 70 minutes of being held in a 'service queue' the line was disconnected.
So, if you get a fault with your PlusNet service, don't expect to get any support anytime soon - We're still waiting - and the consideration of switching internet service providers is becoming more of a reality each day we get no response from the issue we posted - and no ADSL internet access which we're paying for.

PlusNet - If you read this thread, I'd appreciated someone looking in to the issue, for us to do what you request - logging a fault via the net and doing diagnostic checks - being ignored for the best part of a week is not on!


Not Happy!

Customer : cybersurf 26/05/06