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DSL-300G+ and Stable Connection


DSL-300G+ and Stable Connection

Hi There.
Has anyone else had a problem keeping a connection with the above modem ? I currently have this on a 512kb line and everytime I put my laptop into hibernate mode and bring it back up it loses the connection. On the modem the adsl light is still lit which insinuates that there is still a connection.
The only I can reestablish a connection is to reboot my laptop and the modem.
I have tried to switch off the modem and then back on, it shows the connection being made (flashing adsl light followed by steady light) however there is still no connection.

Any ideas on the problem ??


DSL-300G+ and Stable Connection

Have you tried just rebooting the laptop?

The problem with hibinate mode, some devices are more compatable than others.

This sounds like your ethernet adapter never comes back out of hibernate.

DSL-300G+ and Stable Connection

thanks - If I reboot the laptop everything is fine. The NIC is inbuilt on a mini pci combo card. When using dial up and doing the same with the modem ie. hibernate bring back then dial up there was never a problem with it not registering.

I will try using my pcmcia xircom lan card see if that works ....