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DNS problem

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Registered: 08-08-2007

DNS problem

A friend recently got BB+ and bought a wired/wireless router/modem from PN - SpeedTouch 725 I think.

I helped him get it set up and working but he started having problems whereby OE couldn't find the mail servers and IE couldn't find any websites - DNS lookup failure basically. The only solution seemed to be to reboot the PC. Going into the router's settings showed the correct IPs for the DNS servers.

I checked and double checked his Network settings and everything was fine. As a test I entered the IPs of the PN DNS servers in Network Settings rather than obtain them automatically and that fixed the problem.

Thing is, I don't have such a problem but I've got Premier and am using XP Pro whereas he's got XP Home and BB+. Could this be due to Idle Disconnects on BB+?