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DNS issues (?)


DNS issues (?)


I cannot get proper web access from my browser , I can only see a page when I type in the IP address, I have tried support but dont seem that helpful and think it may be a "router setup" problem.

I am using a 4 port ADSL router which has worked previously (recent PC hard disk and OS upgrades have led to my problem)

DNS Server addresses in the router are configured according to Plusnet correspondence in router setup web page

In what way are DNS server settings in a router and Windows DNS configuration addresses correlate (if at all?)

Does anyone know of any "test" or "standard" settings that should work


DNS issues (?)

It is most likely that you will need to tell you windows machine(s) to use the router as the DNS server rather than the PlusNet DNS servers.
The router will than pass on all requests when the are made.
This is what normally happens with a DHCP setup, which most routers provide.

The DNS servers my router uses are:

and all my other machines use the router as their DNS server.

I hope this helps!
Andrew D Wiles

DNS issues (?)

thanks for the tip, I ended up buying a usb adsl model out of frustrstion , but i will give this go when I get a chance